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DHS Outlines Mandatory Biometric ID At Airports For Foreign Travel

Pedogate arrests: US Army general, Ohio mayor & TV actor raped children as young as 3

This is Why President Trump is Winning: He is Right – Supreme Court Reinstates Travel Ban

81 Percent Of Americans Are ‘Concerned About Declining Moral Behavior In Our Nation’

Ibuprofen Can Stop Your Heart (31% Increase In Cardiac Arrest Risk)

Why Your Carefully Calculated Prepper Food Supply May Not Be Enough (And What You Can Add)

Lawsuit Filed Over Bill Clinton’s Secret Tarmac Meeting With Loretta Lynch (VIDEO)

US Demands Raped Cambodia Repay War Debt

Lung and Respiratory Detox and Benefits of Chaparral

The Loony Professor and the Desperation of the State-Controlled Media (VIDEO)

Two Things Government Wants Desperately to Control – Gold and People

12 Reasons Why The Federal Reserve May Have Just Made The Biggest Economic Mistake Since The Last Financial Crisis

Science Teacher May Be Disciplined for Urging Students Be Informed of Vaccine Risks

A Rare Solar Eclipse In 2017 And Another One In 7 Years (2024) Will Mark A Giant ‘X’ Across The United States

US Rules of Engagement

Symptoms of Liver Toxicity

America, Welcome To The Fourth Reich

Birch Essential Oil For Arthritis, Muscle And Joint Pain

America First is Populism in Action

Employees Who Decline Genetic Testing Could Face Penalties Under Proposed Bill

Harvard’s Fake Guide to Fake News Sites

Texas Bill Would Allow People to Opt Out of Smart Meters, Undermine Federal Program

Global Governors Have Purposely Failed To Curb Poverty

Cloning The Future For Same Sex Marriages!

19 Ways To Re-Use Silica Gel

Sheriff of Wall Street Kept Hands Off Top Officials

Ways To Reduce The Cancer-Causing Effects Of Cell Phones (VIDEO)

33 Awesome Uses Of Lemon Essential Oil

Our Choice: Government Medical Care vs. Freedom

Depression-Level Unemployment in America

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