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20s Money
About Welcome to 20smoney.com, I’m happy you stopped by. The goal of this page is to give you a little more background on me and this website. About Me My name is Kevin. I’m currently 27 years old. Out of college, I worked for Accenture doing IT consulting – my primary role was development as my degree was in computer science. I’m a pretty strong coder, but realized it wasn’t what I wanted to do every day, so I took a change of direction after a year and a half with them, and got into the hospitality industry in Orlando, FL. I’ve been at my current job now almost four years. I’ve had an interest in the stock market since my days in college when I used to annoy people by watching CNBC in my room int he fraternity house. Since then, I’ve literally followed the market on a daily basis. It’s truly amazing what you learn just by following it each day. As I’ve saved up a little money over the years, I’ve been able to do some investing on my own with some successes and some failures – either way, I’ve learned from every single transaction. When it comes to entrepreneurship, I’ve always leaned towards it ever since I sold Airheads (candy) in elementary school to my fellow students for $.25 each (my cost was about $.06 each). As I was naturally gifted towards computers as a youngster, I found myself trying to make money using my computer skills. Whether it was selling CDs before Napster became popular or making money by writing for epinions.com, I tried just about everything. It was interesting and a challenge for me. Starting a blog was only a matter of time. I’m very much into technology, the internet and business. If anything, I’m surprised that it took me so long to do so, but I think it must have had something to do with my general laziness towards anything productive in college. The next section will explain how I went about starting my blog. The Origin of 20smoney.com Starting websites was nothing new for me, I’d have launched many websites for various reasons. Back in early 2008, I was searching for an outlet for my interests and ideas, and stumbled upon the idea of blogging. Plus, I enjoyed learning new technologies and Wordpress looked interesting (and was easily the easiest technology I ever learned). I decided to launch a blog where I could dump out my ideas and thoughts on finance, politics, the economy and see if it turned into something where I might be able to make a little money. As I started doing some research and learning about people who were making money on their blogs, I decided to put some real effort into it. I knew if I could get some traffic, I’d figure out a way to make money. The thing that really bothered me, however, was that it seemed like most people talked about the same stuff over and over. Plus, most of the things talked about are already talked about other people who do a better job of it! For example, why would I talk about what stocks to invest in when you can read better analysis at a number of other sites. Or why would you listen to my lame personal finance tips when you can just flip on Dave Ramsey? My Goals With 20smoney.com My overarching goal of 20smoney.com is to be interesting. I don’t want to regurgitate news, and I don’t want to repeat what everyone else already says and knows. A couple of principles were established: Do not be just another personal finance blog – personal finance is really pretty basic stuff. I summarize almost everything you need to know about PF in my PF Manifesto. I want to talk to people who have a decent financial situation – My story isn’t one of those where I have $100k in debt. I don’t have any consumer debt, and many of you don’t either. This blog is more for those out there who are in decent shape and want to make some improvements and maybe make some more money. On the topic of investing, I’m not going to talk about diversification. There’s really nothing that needs to be said about asset allocation and diversification. It’s boring and I don’t subscribe to those theories anyways. I believe we’re living in interesting times economically and politically – both are impactful to each of our lives and I will discuss this frequently. Online Income Focus As the blog grew, I started to make a little money. I kept thinking about how anyone could do this. Really, anyone. I started thinking about how many people’s financial situations would be significantly impacted in a great way if they had additional income streams such as this one is for me. This soon became one of the focuses of this blog. Every month I document my progress in earning money off this website (and some other small web projects). I’m now earning close to $1500 every month. This is additional income outside of my main job. The starting point if you’re interested in this is the Online Income page. I document this progress with great transparency to show you real results and what is really possible. You can literally see the progress in detail of me earning under $100 a month to well over $1000 a month. While there are a number of “how to earn money online” websites out there – and most of them suck and don’t show you any real data to back up their claims – and there are a number of personal finance websites out there, 20smoney.com is essentially a combination of them. I merge building online income with an overall financial strategy to build wealth and become financially independent. Financial Independence As a 20-something, becoming financially independent so that I can pursue more of what I love and enjoy more frequently in my life is my main goal. This blog is a part of that. The things I talk about on this blog are a part of that including building income streams, learning how to invest and understanding sound personal finance strategies. Additionally, understanding the economic and political climate is crucial to mapping out a quality financial strategy in your life. This is what this blog is. This is what 20smoney.com is. I hope you will enjoy and become a regular visitor.
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