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Shen Yun

Music of Shen Yun

Traditional Chinese music is rich with spiritual significance. The ancients even believed it has the power to heal. Now, go behind the scenes with Shen Yun’s conductors and composers to discover a breakthrough in classical music. For more information, visit➞http://sypa.us/1nXfm47

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Music of Shen Yun

Ballet Master Steven Heathcote Says Shen Yun is Breathtaking

Human Rights Arts and Film Festival Co-Founder Touched by Shen Yun

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Shen Yun is 'A divine gift,' Says Former Ballet Dancer

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A Magnificent Performance, Says President of Milan’s Friends of the Opera

Shen Yun ‘a Dream in Reality,’ ‘a Banquet in Wisdom,’ Psychiatrist Says

'I felt the heavens opening' at Shen Yun

North America: “Shen Yun is Bringing the Divine to This World”

Shen Yun Impresses Northern Taiwan Audiences with Historical Legends

Shen Yun Truly Beautiful, Says Ellen Sauerbrey, Former Assistant Secretary of State

Company President Says He Will Return After His Sixth Time at Shen Yun

‘It was transcendent,’ Soprano Says of Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra

Retired Company Owner Says Returning to Heaven Is Not a Dream After Shen Yun

Physician Says Shen Yun Beyond Belief

Five Shen Yun Companies Deliver “Awe-Inspiring” Traditions to Five Cities

Long Time Ballet Teacher Says Shen Yun Inspires, Thrills, Fascinates

Shen Yun ‘Incredibly Moving and Touching,’ Dancer Says

Shen Yun: A Connection to Heaven

Shen Yun Tenor Is Phenomenal

Theological Seminary Dean: A Deep Spirituality Underlies Shen Yun's Dance and Music

Music of Shen Yun ‘Is Very Touching’

Martial Arts Grandmaster: It Was an Honor to See Shen Yun

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