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Tea Party

VIDEO: Salazar, McManus, LaHood – Sanctuary City

We Say: President Donald Trump, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick are all aligned against and committed to …

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Nevada introduces Resolution Rescind all Art V’s including BBA

Healthcare Strategy Beats Hyperventilating

President Trump Goes to Capitol Hill to Push Republicans for Repeal & Replace of ObamaCare – Video 3/21/17

Business Learns Trump Giveth and Trump Taketh Away

19 ‘Money Pit’ Agencies on Trump’s Chopping Block

Despite outrage over cuts, federal funds are fraction of Meals on Wheels budget

COVERING THEIR ASSETS: Local Officials Bash Property Tax Relief

VIDEO: Salazar, McManus, LaHood – Sanctuary City

Competition ‘Across State Lines’ Won’t Make Insurance Any Cheaper.

Full Repeal Must Include the Regulatory Architecture of Obamacare

SSN: Proposed All Aboard Florida Regulations: Driven by Safety Concerns or Politics?

It’s the Nickels and Dimes that will get you

Sessions Promotes “Project Exile” Solution to Gun Violence

Trump’s “Great, Great Wall” to be Big and Scary

President Trump Wants Power to Fire the Head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

AG Jeff Sessions Needs a Refresher Course on the Bill of Rights

Amendment 17 + Federalist 63 = Article 5

Was Russians muddling a Smokescreen for Obama?

Nevada’s Assembly passed SJR2 the so called Equal Rights Amendment for final passage today

Colleen on Capitol Hill – 3/17/17

FBI Director James Comey Testifies at House Intelligence Hearing; Confirms there is an FBI Investigation into Russian Hacking – Video 3/20/17

President Trump Holds Huge Rally in Louisville, KY; CNN, MSNBC Censor Trump’s Speech – Refuse to Televise – Complete Video 3/20/17

Clowns to the Left of Me

Action Alert: American Health Care Act

This Video May Be Most Important Thing You Watch This Year

Meals on Wheels

Opponents distorting some facts on Repeal of ACA

FBI Director James Comey to Testify Today on Russia Hacking, Trump Surveillance; Gorsuch Confirmation Hearing to Begin – Video Report 3/20/17

“Discrimination” is Your Natural Right

President Trump: It’s Time to Hold Bill Gates Accountable for His #EducationReform Failure.

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