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Navy Engineer Interviewed: I Saw Antarctic UFOs, Aliens and Top-Secret Bases (Audio)

Thursday, July 7, 2016 16:36
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Over the years, there have been a ton of articles on the Internet dealing with the mysteries and anomalies that involve the Antarctic. Many of them have been debunked, or at least the person writing claims to have debunked various stories, I too have personally written about the mysterious activity alleged to be taking place on the frozen continent, but the following story should be elevated above all others in my humble opinion. Why?

Just last week, Earthfiles Reporter and Editor, Linda Moulton Howe, was a guest on Coast to Coast AM where she played parts of an interview she recorded with a U.S. Navy Engineer who claims that he and his crew flew through the “no fly zone” above Antarctica, and what they saw were UFO’s, Aliens, Top Secret Bases, and a GIANT HOLE, which so many stories dealing with the topic of a Hollow Earth have suggested. 


What makes this story far more credible than many others is who did the research. Linda Moulton Howe isn’t some internet hack; She’s an Emmy Award-winning TV producer, investigative reporter for radio and internet, and author who goes directly to the men and women at the forefront of science and environmental breakthroughs and to firsthand eyewitnesses of high strangeness. Best I can recall, nothing I’ve ever read on the mysteries of Antarctica has ever come from an Emmy winning reporter. 

So, with that, enjoy the interview. You’re going to LOVE it. Afterward is an article from Human’s are Free discussing the incident, and I’ve also included an amazing video done by TruthUnveiled777 that sheds even MORE light on the Antarctic mystery, and nothing in the second video contradicts anything said during the interview conducted by Linda Moulton Howe. Finally, the last video takes the whole antarctic mystery one step further, because it involves a mystery that not even Einstein could wrap his mind around. 

Don’t miss the TON of links to other similar articles listed at the bottom. Whether you’re interested in the arctic, Nibiru and the Annunaki, aliens, Area 51, or disclosure, there’s something for everyone!




In the following video, what TruthUnveiled777 reveals is nothing short of outrageous. It really is. The thing is, TruthUnveiled777 has the sources to back up every statement made, and it doesn’t contradict anything said by the U.S. Navy engineer said with Linda Moulton Howe. My Christian faith tells me that the fallen entities TruthUnveiled777 is referring to might very well be the Nephilim. The more I try to dismiss what is revealed, the more TruthUnveiled777 backs up what it said.  

Then of course, it brings up the mystery that stumped Einstein himself, The Pire Reis Map. What it reveals, is not possible according to modern “academia” or modern “science,” yet we have it anyway. Graham Hancock said perfectly when he said:

“More and more people, and I would say perhaps it runs into hundreds of millions around the world, are increasingly aware that we’re a much more mysterious species than we give ourselves credit for… and that there are many more secrets and mysteries in our past than we are prepared to accept at the moment…”

Indeed. Some of the questions posed (and answered) in the following video are listed below, and all the sources in the video are included in the YouTube info section, so you can follow along. 

Have you ever wondered why there are never ANY Southern Hemisphere flights that fly over Antarctica? 

Have you ever wondered why Antarctica is ALWAYS blocked off, with little to NO access for the public?

Have you ever wondered just WHAT they could be hiding?

Have you ever wondered WHY they are covering up such a massive conspiracy?

And have you ever wondered just WHAT that conspiracy is?!?!





As for The Pire Reis Map that I mentioned above, the map whose very existence baffled even Albert Einstein, in 1929, a map was found on a dusty shelf in a library in Constantinople. What makes this map so special, is the the Pire Reis Map shows features of the earth that “nobody in 1513 should have been able to know…” no one! 

You see, before the 18th century, sailors ran the risk of crashing their ships onto rocky coastlines, because they lacked one thing: the ability to calculate longitude. It wasn’t until 277 years after the map was drawn that in 1790, a marine timepiece was invented to provide sailors with the missing information they needed to travel safely and determine longitude. 

The first mystery of the Pire Reis Map is how it was drawn in 1513, and it included detailed cartography of the southern tip of Africa, and also Antarctica almost to perfection. Years later with the help of ground penetrating sonar, we know the map is accurate to within a half a degree of longitude, and was drawn some 277 years before the equipment existed to do so.

If that were the only mystery, it might be explainable. On the map itself, the person who made it says it was made from a compilation of maps that existed at the time, in 1513, some dating back to before the time of Christ, making the technological precision even more baffling. 

By far though, the most puzzling aspect of the Pire Reis Map, is that it shows (within a half degree of perfection), what the continent looked like before it was covered in a layer as think as 3 miles of ice in some places. To put that in perspective, NINE Sears Towers wouldn’t be tall enough to poke through 3 miles of ice, and guess what? Here’s the catch: The earliest known “human” civilization was the ancient Sumerians in what we refer to today as the “Cradle of Civilization.”

If we really stretch the age of that civilization, and we say it sprung up around 4,000 B.C., you should probably know that Antarctica has been covered in ice for between the last 12-30 million years. So, despite being a block of ice, and having no tools, someone before Christ mapped the frozen continent? Einstein died not figuring that out… Check out the video:




On January 2nd, 2015 the editor of website earthfiles.com (Linda Moulton Howe), received a very unexpected letter from an alleged retired U.S. Navy Petty Officer First Class Flight Engineer. The letter received recounts experiences where the anonymous Navy officer (refers to himself as “Brian”) recounts his bizarre and extraordinary experiences flying cargo and rescue in Antarctica between the years 1983 to 1997. He claims that a collaboration between humans and aliens exist, and that the Antarctica is a major research ground for these incredible collaborations. - by ufointernationalproject

Humans are Free Reports:

Brian’s high strangeness experiences flying cargo and rescue in Antarctica were in the 1983 to 1997 time period and included several observations of aerial silver discs darting around over the Transantarctic Mountains. 

He and his crew also saw a big hole in the ice only about five to ten miles from the geographic South Pole (pink circle on map) that was supposed to be a No Fly Zone. 

But during an emergency medevac situation, they entered the No Fly Zone and saw what they were not supposed to see: an alleged entrance to a human and E. T. science research base created under the ice. 

Then at a camp near Marie Byrd Land, some dozen scientists disappeared for two weeks and when they re-appeared, Brian’s flight crew got the assignment to pick them up. Brian says they would not talk and “their faces looked scared.”

In the strange letter sent to Earth Files the officer states that he experienced things such as:

Silver discs darting around over the Transantarctic Mountains

During an emergency they entered a No Fly Zone and saw an entrance to a human and E. T. science research base under the ice

His crew picked up a dozen scientists who had disappeared for two weeks previous. They would not talk and their faces looked scared.

He has decided to share what he experienced between those years in the following letter, reproduced in full below:

To: earthfiles@earthfiles.com

Subject: Antarctica UFO

Date: January 2, 2015

Hi Linda,

I am a retired United States Navy LC130 Flight Engineer that retired after 20 years of service in 1997. I have been wanting to write you for a long time about my experience on the Antarctic continent with flying vehicles that I was told not to talk about. 

I served part of my 20 years in the Navy with a Squadron called Antarctic Development Squadron Six or VXE-6 as it was also known. I served with this squadron from around 1983 till I retired March of 1997. 

Being a flight engineer and flying more then 4000 hours in that capacity I have seen things that most people have not even imagined on the Continent of Antarctica. The land there seems more alien then earthly. 

Our deployments to this land started in late September and ended the end of February every year until the Squadron was decommissioned in 1999. This time of year was the summer season when most of the science was done do to warmer temps and 24 hours of daylight.

During my time in the squadron I flew to almost every part of the Antarctic Continent including the South Pole more the 300 times. McMurdo Station which is 3.5 hours of flying time from the South Pole station was the point of squadron operation during our yearly deployments. 

Between these two stations is a mountain range called the Trans Antarctic’s. With what we called Severe Clear weather from McMurdo to South Pole the Trans Antarctic’s are visible from the altitudes which the aircraft flew approximately 25,000 to 35,000 feet.

On several flights to and from South Pole our crew viewed air vehicles darting around the tops of Trans Antarctic’s almost exactly in the same spot every time we would fly by and view them. 

This is very unusual for air traffic down there due to the fact that the only aircraft flying on the continent were our squadron aircraft. Every aircraft knew where the other aircraft were do to flight schedules being followed.

Another unique issue with South Pole station is that our aircraft was not allowed to fly over a certain area designated 5 miles from the station. The reason stated because of a air sampling camp in that area. 

This did not make any sense to any of us on the crew because on 2 different occasions we had to fly over this area. One time due to a medical evacuation of the Australian camp called Davis Camp. 

It was on the opposite side of the continent and we had to refuel at South Pole and a direct course to this Davis Camp was right over the air sampling station. 

The only thing we saw going over this camp was a very large hole going into the ice. You could fly one of our LC130 into this thing.


An Lockheed LC-130F Hercules ski-equipped Hercules of VXE-6 at the
Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station. Image courtesy Brian.

It was after this medevac mission we where briefed by some spooks (Intelligence Agents I presumed) from Washington DC and told not to speak of the area we overflew. 

The other time we got close to “The air sampling Camp” we had navigation and electrical failures on the aircraft and was told to immediately depart the area and report to our squadron commanding officer when we returned to McMurdo. 

Needless to say our pilot (Aircraft Commander) got his butt chewed and our crew was not on the South Pole supply run for over a month. There were many other times we saw things that was out of the ordinary.

One outlying camp (near Marie Byrd Land) we dropped scientists and their equipment at was out of communication with McMurdo for 2 weeks. Our crew flew back to the camp to find out if the scientists were ok. We found no one there and no sign of any fowl play. 

The Radio was working fine as we called McMurdo to verify it working properly. We left the camp and flew back to McMurdo as ordered by our CO. A week later the Scientist showed back up to there camp and called McMurdo for someone to come pick them up. 

Our crew got the flight back there to pick them since we put them into that camp and we knew the terrain and location. None of the scientists would talk to any of the crew on the plane and to me they looked scared.

As soon as we landed back at McMurdo they (Scientists) where put on another of our squadron aircraft and flown to Christchurch New Zealand. We never heard about them again. 

Their equipment that we brought back from the camp was put in quarantine and shipped back to the United States escorted by the same spooks that debriefed us about our fly over of the air sample camp/ large hole in the ice. 

I could go on and on about things and situations that I observed during my tour with VXE-6. Talk among the flight crews was that there is a UFO base at South Pole and some of the crew heard talk from some of the scientist working at the Pole of EBEs working with and interacting with the scientists at that air sampling camp/large ice hole.


Locations identified by U. S. Naval Flight Engineer (Ret).

Brian, now 59 years old, graduated from an Iowa college with an associate’s degree in aviation maintenance technology and an aviation certificate. In 1977, he then enlisted in the U. S. Navy and served for twenty years until his retirement in 1997.

He provided Earthfiles his DD-214 documents and other certificates of service including this Antarctic Service Medal given to him on November 20, 1984 as proof of his time in service.



There appears to be many secrets hidden in the Antarctica and we are pretty much hearing different stories every month about military personnel disclosing information about Aliens in that part of the world!

But what a great secluded part of the world for the Aliens to keep out of sight from prying eyes… or so they thought!

I would like to remind you that a pyramids has been discovered in Antarctica, using satellite images.


Senn Life 2




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